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New Beginnings January 8, 2006

Posted by Mike N. Cheese in Business, Entrepreneurship, Tips and Tricks, Work.

Inspired by my wife’s enthusiasm for blogging and my own personal guilt for not keeping a journal, I am entering the blogosphere. I have heard that the definition of a blogger is “someone with nothing to say writing for someone with nothing to do.” We’ll see if that’s the case.

As I am at a time of transition in my life, an article I saw online called “Why I Quit Entrepreneurship and Got a Real Job” caught my eye. The article is extremely well written and I thought it would be a good start to my blog. The title of the article makes it sound very unentrepreneurial, but most of it talks about things he has learned that will help him become a better entrepreneur:

Attack everything with enthusiasm – I used to be the kind of person that did a great job on things I liked, and did enough to get by on things I didn’t like. When you own your own business, you have to do a lot of things you won’t like. Learn to attack every task with enthusiasm. I’ve had to make up games and do other crazy stuff to force myself to tackle boring work. Procrastination is just too easy. If you can learn to knock out the work you don’t like, it will make you more disciplined, which will make you more successful.

That advice is true as an entrepreneur, in a corporate job, or as a homemaker.

Entrepreneurship is not always how you picture it. Like the guy who wrote this article, I am leaving an entrepreneurial life for a “regular” job. The blood, sweat, and tears (ok, maybe not blood) I have given to my startup has taken some time off of my life, but it has been an invaluable learning experience. Now I will take the advice that I have heard many times before–get a job.

The advice that I am thinking of isn’t from my mom in my high school days when I wouldn’t get a job to save my life (and my mother’s sanity). It is from entrepreneurs like Robert Kiyosaki, who say to take care of your needs with a job, and start some ventures on the side, so you won’t have to deal with the pressure of feeding your family with your new business. Business mistakes can be made when one is not willing to take risks because he is worried about not getting a paycheck if he does.

For those of you who are bored to tears with this post, thanks for plugging away. Business is one of my passions, but it isn’t the only one. As my stolen tagline states, I will be blogging about a variety of topics, so check back with me as I write about parenting, marketing, photography, blogging, technology, or a picture of a full-sized Darth Vader carved entirely out of butter. Stay tuned.

By the way, I’m not entirely satisfied with the title of this blog. Any suggestions are welcomed.



1. Emily - January 8, 2006

Oh, I like this. I kind of feel like I’m spying on you!
I miss you and all the other cooky Brimleys. I looked at Stephanie’s blog today too, very nice. Your kids are adorable.

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