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Ways to make parenting a breeze. January 20, 2006

Posted by Mike N. Cheese in Parenting, Tips and Tricks.

Ok, thats not going to happen, but the site parenthacks.com has some ways to make it easier. Thought it would be good for your parents and soon-to-be parents.

Like this one:

Map out rest areas for smoother road trips

Trey maps out rest area stops for his family’s road trips before they leave home. Makes traveling cheaper (picnics instead of restaurants) and nicer (kids get to run around).

Parent Hacks  (learn how to subscribe to sites like these)



1. Jill Stoddard, Brad's wife, Mike's information station - January 21, 2006

This site is great. The more help and suggestions, the better. You know what blog or website I think would be a hit? I’ll tell you. An updated buying guide for soon to be parents. I spent months going through magazine editor’s pick lists, consumer reports, and sending out my own surveys to parents. It’d be nice if that research was just all done for you and there was a list of the top 3 of everything. Best crib, best stroller, best car seat, best monitor, rash ointment, best nursing pads… Ya know? Now that I have the answers and have made my purchases, I’m not that invested in creating a whole blog to share the info! I’ve got my stuff and I’m kinda over it. Selfish, I know. But wouldn’t it be a great site?

2. Mike Court - January 21, 2006

There is a site that is trying to do something like that at squidoo.com. You create a page that has info about a particular topic, then they share the ad revenue with you when people go to it.

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