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Speaking of networking… January 21, 2006

Posted by Mike N. Cheese in Friends/Family, Internet, RSS, Tips and Tricks.

I’ve started to use a great new free service at the site de.licio.us. Its a “social bookmarking” site with a lot of great features. I think everyone should sign up—here are the best parts:

  1. You can access your bookmarks from anywhere.
  2. No need to organize your bookmarks into folders–you just “tag” them with descriptive words, then you can search your links by how you “tagged” them
  3. Firefox has a plugin for the site, so if you’re on a site you like, you can just push a button on your browser.
  4. You can bookmark a page for another user to see by using the “for:” tag.
  5. You can search other people’s bookmarks, or search the whole community for the most popular bookmarks for a certain “tag”, as in, you could find the most popular links people have for the tag “cool”.
  6. You can subscribe (via RSS, see my previous post) to bookmarks of one person, or of a certain tag.

So sign up! Leave a comment with your username so we can all start sharing links. My username is “thecourts”, so to see my links (I just started, so there aren’t many), you would go to http://del.icio.us/thecourts.

Sharing is fun. Here is a link I found from the “cool” tag. It’s a japanese video that shows the cool way to fold a shirt.



1. Abbie - January 23, 2006

That’s actually the “Martha Stewart” way of folding a shirt. I saw it on her show. Maybe she got it from this website though…

2. Mike Court - January 23, 2006

Everything is cooler in Japanese.

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