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Extreme Lunch Challenge January 24, 2006

Posted by Mike N. Cheese in Blogging, Friends/Family, Uncategorized.

One of my friends, Toby, has an event known as the “Extreme Lunch Challenge”. The premise is this: Toby and two friends go to lunch, and each person orders lunch for another person. What they order for you is all you get to eat. It sounds easy until you see how creative they are ordering lunch.

Check out their blog to see pictures and menu items of lunches past. The lastest lunch from Hometown Buffet is particlularly disgusting.

I had one opportunity to try “the challenge” at Carl’s Jr. It was there I had my first, and last, low carb Six Dollar Burger®. Bleh.



1. Emily - January 28, 2006

I am completely amused. Thank you.

2. grammy - February 4, 2006

oh my goodness-what a lunch!!!!! Are you sure you would like to continue this challenge????

3. toby - February 9, 2006

thanks for the shout out! we have an even better one that we haven’t posted yet, from our trip to macworld. i’d say it’s been our coup (or shoudl i say fois) de gras up to now. this should give you a decent idea:

4. toby - February 9, 2006

guess i can’t embed photos. here’s a link:

5. Brandon - February 26, 2006

HAHA! I love this idea! wow i am so doing this with my buds. it will be kind of tricky to get it started as i dont mind eating anything, but they are all picky. should get something going at least once. LOL! i am so stoked!

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