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I’m Back May 1, 2006

Posted by Mike N. Cheese in Mac, Sites I like.

If there is anyone out there who missed me, I'm back. I have been very busy remodeling my house and starting a new job.

Check out the new ads from apple here.  They're funny.   They feature one of Stephanie and my favorite actors who played Warren Cheswick on the TV show "Ed". 


I promise to write more.  Check in from time to time. 



1. Leslie - May 2, 2006

hi mike! you’ve done an awesome job on your house, we’re quite impressed with your woodworking skills. keep up the good work, and the blogging, for heaven’s sake!

2. Robert Fogg - June 13, 2006

I love these commercials! Did you see the new ads that were posted to Apple’s site last night? I already dl’d them. The “Touche” ad is the best.

3. Emily - June 17, 2006

The new Apple vs. PC ads I’ve seen on TV have been great. Glad someone else agrees. I also like the sonic ads.

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