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Takedown May 7, 2006

Posted by Mike N. Cheese in News, Sports.

Lakers were sent packing last night in game 7. It must have been tough to be up 3-1 and then lose game seven by over 30 points. Such a nice, respectable team, too. I almost feel bad for them.

I didn't get any comments from Californians on my last post, which either means no one reads my blog, or they suspected that I was right about the Suns. I certainly don't expect any comments now.

In other news, another Cinco de Mayo has passed us by, and, dispite illegal Mexican immigrants trying to shut down the country on Monday, I had no ill feelings and celebrated with family and friends. Breakfast: Filiberto's. Lunch: Kay-sah-dillas. Dinner: Rosa's followed by sangria.

You thought I was going to go into a "priceless" routine here, but I'm not.



1. jake - May 7, 2006

The joke’s on us Mike, they’ve still got the Clippers

Californians: “The who?”

2. grammy - May 7, 2006

Mike I read you blog but don’t have much to say about the Lakers or the Suns! We celebrated on May 5th too and went to the Chili Pepper for that good Mexicn food!
Love you

3. David Parker - May 8, 2006

Dearest Mike,

As one who enjoys basketball, and sometimes even enjoys attending Laker games, I must stand in awe of the Suns clothesline technique so aptly illustrated in the Suns-Laker playoff series. Even so, it is only a game, contrary to the opinions of the diehards, of which you and I are not. Taunt you will, but we love you still!!! And yes, Arizona is a wonderful place that we especially enjoy coming to VISIT! Perhaps one day even purchase real estate. Be well, with our fondest wishes to the Court family. I mean really, your family is GREAT!! We love you all!

4. Joshman - May 8, 2006

If anyone is reading this that loves me, I want a Leandro Barbosa jersey to support my favorite brazilian basketball player.

5. Christopher - May 9, 2006

I thought that was the best thing I’d seen all month…is that wrong? Go PHX!

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