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Laura’s Name Twin June 23, 2006

Posted by Mike N. Cheese in Blogging, Blogs I read, Friends/Family.

Unlike her politics, Jill's "name twin" idea is taking off around the blogosphere. Laura tried it, but left me unsatisfied. First, she posted no "name twin" pictures. And second, she told a story that appeared to be very interesting, but, even after some Google investigation, I could not find out about the controversy of which she spoke.

But I digress. The real story here is that Laura has some great name twins.

(a Canadian hockey player that is now a columnist)


Googling my name is difficult because court is a common word. I don't think I want to know about my name twins anyhow. It



1. The real Laura Warner - June 24, 2006

A hockey player? Trust me, if I knew my name twin was such a dashing puck player I would have blogged about it. (Nevermind the fact that you used your blog to disgrace my personal experience … you’re forgiven because she’s a loyal Canuck.) All I can figure is that Google saves your previous searches and knows that I have a connection to the D-News and the Michael Moore controversy. In fact, I just reset my Google and now the search results are different. (Though my previous staff listing is still the 4th hit on my computer.) But no trace of the Michael Moore stuff … Although if you Google my name, Deseret News and Michael Moore, you get a link to some Web sites that published my article and then have comments attached … many derrogatory. Moral of the story: Don’t question a reporter about her sources. She always has documentation.

2. Jill Stoddard, Name-twin promoter - June 24, 2006

does this qualify me as worthy of a link on your family and friends list?

3. Mike Court - June 25, 2006

Laura, I meant no disgrace. I was in a frustrating situation where I was searching for an interesting story, and I took it out on you. Thanks for your help.

4. The real Laura Warner - June 25, 2006

No offense taken, except for the fact that I still don’t understand what the second photo is all about … but I’m somehow secretly happy that it has a connection to my name. I’m that twisted!

5. mike - June 25, 2006

its another twin, but I also do not know what is going on.

6. Emily Jensen - June 26, 2006

Mike, loved your name twins. With my married name I must have hundreds of thousands so I think I’ll not blog about it. But I have joined the clan of bloggers. Check out my page:)

7. leslie - June 26, 2006

Mike, I would consider only the first of your twins to be embarrassing. You have such a nice name, I’ve always thought. 🙂

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