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Getting Rich Slowly August 15, 2006

Posted by Mike N. Cheese in Blogs I read, Tips and Tricks.

I’m a personal finance junkie. I love to learn about ways to save money and spend it wisely. I subscribe to magazines about personal finance and read books and blogs about it. My new favorite blog is called Get Rich Slowly. It has practical ways to save, invest, and spend (including one of my favorites, shopping at garage sales). A quote from the latest post, which, coincidentally, is what we are doing at the Court house:

We operate two freezers for food storage. My husband does all the grocery shopping because I positively cannot shop as cheap as he can. He watches sales like a hawk. His commute home from work takes him across town. He “coupons his way home” in the evening that way he never has to go out of his way to hit the sales.

Sure, occasionally I buy more than we need in the name of a “good deal”, but I think that is better than spending too much by not looking for good deals.

My goal is not to be penny wise and pound foolish. I want to be frugal, but not cheap.

What are some of your best saving/spending ideas?



1. ginger - August 15, 2006

What kind of second freezer do you alll have? We are thinking about getting a second one for the basement or garage for food storage…
Is your second freezer expensive to run?

2. leslie - September 9, 2006

that’s what i was going to say. don’t those storage freezers cost a ton of loot to run all the time? and do you really use the stuff you keep in it before it gets freezer-burned?
i don’t have any saving ideas, unfortunately. pay tithing? that’s it. 🙂

3. mike - September 10, 2006

I think the upright ones are the best, so nothing gets stuck at the bottom. We haven’t had problem with freezer burn, which I think is just caused by not freezing properly.

We do want to get a new freezer, as we’ve heard that they are much more efficient.

4. f - November 24, 2006

you are chaep man!

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