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Text the Google April 18, 2007

Posted by Mike N. Cheese in cool, HowTo, Tips and Tricks.

I have been a big fan of Google SMS for awhile now.

For those I haven’t told, Google SMS allows you to send a text message to Google and get a quick answer to a question. I usually use it to find places and phone numbers. For example, if I text “papa johns 85203” or “pizza mesa az” to 46645 (GOOGL), google will send back local results.

It’s really amazing when you try it for the first time, because the results get to you in about five seconds.

Other things you can do by texting google:

  • get flight info
  • price shop
  • driving directions
  • currency conversion
  • and lots more…

Its great when you’re on the go and saves you from trying to call of someone with the internet to look something up for you.


Now there is something even easier when searching for a business.  1-800-GOOG-411 will connect you with any business for free, or, if you want, they will send you a text message of the results of your search if you call from a cell phone.  Check it out.



1. mel - April 19, 2007

Have you talked to Robby about this? It seems like something he would get on board with.

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