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I think I would be in to Neal’s animals if they did this… September 29, 2007

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lounge lizard

Link to the story of the lounging lizard.

Just look September 27, 2007

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Birdcage inside a fish tank.

Cursed September 14, 2007

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At the risk of turning away a portion of my large readership by not posting something awesome, I think I will do a venting session.

I think I am cursed in the hiring department.  Two weeks ago I had two technicians quit.  Both did so by not showing up for work, which is very frustrating in my industry.  In fact, its seems like if someone doesn’t come in to work, then two people don’t.  I can deal with one.

Compounding the problem, and in fact, my main problem, is that I do not have a receptionist/office manager/customer service person.  Rosie, bless her heart, quit for a government job with good benefits.

At the time, I felt relief.  Rosie, bless her heart, I thought was doing about three-fourths of the work that I thought could be done by one person.  But Rosie, bless her heart,  is crippled and has a hard life, and I just couldn’t fire her–even when I thought that she might have even stolen from me.

So, yeah, I felt relief.  And I felt confident that I could easily find a super organized, well-spoken,  powerhouse of a secretary.

Indeed, when I posted the job on Craigslist, the applications came pouring in.  I threw away the obviously bad applications, conducted interviews, and otherwise whittled the stack down to the most serious contenders.

Finally, I called the winner to give her the job.  She accepted.  She didn’t show up.

Franticly, I called the backup choice.  She showed up, a little bit late.  But hey, what was I expecting for the pay I was giving?  I gave her more time, but did not like the way things were going.  She was immature and I didn’t trust her to take care of the office.

So for the first time in my life, I fired someone.  It was bad.  Tears were shed.  Pleading took place.  But I felt good about the decision.

Since then, TWO MORE have now come and gone.  Do I have bad luck or what?

I’ll take a moment right now to do a preemptive strike on the anonymous commenter who will ask if I’ve considered the idea that I might be a bad boss.  I haven’t ruled it out.

End vent.

iWant a new phone September 12, 2007

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Along with the introduction of some new iPods, Apple dropped the price of the iPhone, which, of course, I covet. But just as I am trying to justify the $400 price tag (it will make me much more than $400 more productive, right?), what do I find in the rumor mill? The gPhone.

Dilemmas, dilemmas.


Hole-y Moley September 11, 2007

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In my effort to post more to my blog, I will try to post interesting sites I have found in my travels ’round the net. Here’s the first one. 7 amazing holes. For the fans of this blog, I’m sorry for not posting original content. I’ve just been soooooo busy.