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Top 3 Reasons Mitt Romney is NOT a Flip-flopping Phony January 31, 2008

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1. His Marriage

    He has been married to only one woman (no polygamy jokes, please), and has been faithful, unlike many of his rivals. A faithful marriage shows that he will be faithful to his principles and to the American people. Speaking of keeping promises…

    2. His 100 promises to Massachusetts voters

      If you believe that Mitt Romney is a phony, a fake, or a flip-flopper, how do you account for this?  When he was running for and became governor of Massachusetts, he asked his staffers to write down all the promises he made on the campaign trail. He then proceeded fulfill each of those 100 promises.  He completed the list by the end of his term.  How many phony politicians would do that?

      3. He’s Frugal

        Despite being so loaded (estimated net worth $250M), Mitt Romney is still frugal. In this world of corporate excesses, Romney is known to sleep at the Hampton Inn, fly coach, and the rule for meals on the road at Bain Capital (his former company) was that they should be “nourishing, but not memorable”.

        In addition he worked as a leader in his church for no pay, gave his Salt Lake Olympics $825,000 salary to charity, gave $1 Million to the Olympics, and pledged to give his presidential salary to charity.

        To be fair, Mitt Romney has changed his positions on several issues. He changed his view on abortion, as have many other leaders such as Ronald Reagan. Romney is hammered for changing his position, yet George W. Bush is constantly scolded for not changing his mind, even after new evidence is presented. Do we want someone that will change when that is the right decision, or sticks to his positions no matter what?

        In conclusion, Mitt Romney could be someone that changes his positions based on what he thinks will win elections, or he could be a sincere person that has changed his mind based on honest assessments of the issues. I think the only way to know if this candidate is sincere is to look at his record, and Mitt Romney’s record doesn’t look like someone that I would call a flip-flopping phony.