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Hole-y Moley September 11, 2007

Posted by Mike N. Cheese in Blogging, cool, Sites I like.

In my effort to post more to my blog, I will try to post interesting sites I have found in my travels ’round the net. Here’s the first one. 7 amazing holes. For the fans of this blog, I’m sorry for not posting original content. I’ve just been soooooo busy.


One Tough Test June 7, 2007

Posted by Mike N. Cheese in Sites I like.

Ok, maybe this wasted too much of my time, but it felt so good once I got it.

Try the self-referential aptitude test.

Why do I have the feeling that Elliott is going to be the only one that tries?

Punk is not dead September 1, 2006

Posted by Mike N. Cheese in Sites I like.

I haven’t played any of my old punk music for a long time, but I could not help but be completely entertained by this punk music generator.

Have fun.

New Website for Slackers August 2, 2006

Posted by Mike N. Cheese in Funny, Sites I like, Work.
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Its called workfriendly, and it makes normal webpages look like a microsoft word document. Here’s what Stephanie‘s website would look like using the tool.

workfriendlyCheck out the “boss key”.¬† Slack on.

I’m Back May 1, 2006

Posted by Mike N. Cheese in Mac, Sites I like.

If there is anyone out there who missed me, I'm back. I have been very busy remodeling my house and starting a new job.

Check out the new ads from apple here.  They're funny.   They feature one of Stephanie and my favorite actors who played Warren Cheswick on the TV show "Ed". 


I promise to write more.  Check in from time to time.